Go and Tell

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Friday. Death seemed to have the victory.  Saturday. Silence reigned. His followers were mourning. 

Sunday. Oh, but on Sunday!

The women went to the tomb. They were broken-hearted. They had seen their Lord crucified. They witnessed His dead body being removed from the cross. They saw the body laid into a grave and a stone rolled in front of it. 

But on Sunday, they walked to the tomb. They didn't know how they'd be able to prepare the body. They knew the stone was too big for them to move. They went anyway. 

Have you ever been at that place?  

A place filled with brokenness? With hurt? With confusion? With anger? With questions?  

Perhaps you served God, but life had thrown a curve-ball and you weren't sure that even God could help?  

Maybe you had never known God, but you knew someone who did. You didn't think they could help, but you went anyway?  

Or, was there a time you were close to the Father, but you turned away and lived life your own way? However, it didn't turn out the way you imagined. So you turned and started a journey back to the Love you gave up, not even sure if He would accept you back?  

There was a stone, a heavy stone, between you and God. You didn't know how to move it. At that moment, you needed God. So you walked.  

I've wondered why those women went to a sealed tomb, covered by a stone they couldn't move. But they went anyway!  

They arrived at the tomb. The stone was gone!! It was rolled away! They could see Jesus! They ran and looked, but He wasn't there! What? Where was His body?  

The angels appeared to the women.  

He isn't here!! Don't you remember what He told you? He told you about this! He told you He would rise again! Now, go and tell his disciples!  

The Father calls to us. He draws us to Him. All we see is a stone. 

A stone of sin.  

A stone of fear.  

A stone of disappointment.  

A stone of anger.  

However, as we approach the Father, the stone placed between us is gone! Jesus came to remove the barriers between creation and Creator. There is nothing separating us anymore!  

Through the Resurrection Power that raised Christ from the dead, we are resurrected to stand with God, as His child! There is nothing stronger than the Blood of Jesus! That Blood rolls away the divisions, brings us salvation, and restores us to our rightful place with the Father! 

And we are given a mandate: Go and Tell!  

Tell the hurting world around you that the stone is gone! That Jesus is alive!  

Go and Tell!  

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