Saturday Silence

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Saturday. And the world was silent.


Friday, the world changed.


One felt the guilt of betrayal.


Many were ashamed for abandoning their Messiah.


Confusion filled many of his followers.


Anger against Rome stirred others.


Hopelessness filled the souls of those who believed Him.


A mother mourned. She had carried the Son of God in her womb. She watched shepherds and wise men worship Him. She heard the angels singing. She saw God protect the Child over and over again. Then she watched as He died a horrible death. The beatings bloodied Him. The cross held Him. Sin and sickness came upon Him. And God's head was turned away.


Those healed by the Teacher, cried. Why had He saved them, but not Himself?


As He breathed His last breath, the Earth protested and shook. The temple was shaken and the veil fell. But no Angels came to fight. 


He died between two thieves.


His body brought down and wrapped. The body taken to a tomb. The stone rolled in front. The Sabbath begins. The Messiah is dead. And silence filled the atmosphere.


Was there any hope for tomorrow? For all the tomorrow's to come?



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