Lego's at Midnight

It’s the middle of the night. I’m walking quietly through the dark living room. The family is asleep and I want a drink of water. I turn the corner, put my foot down, and suddenly pain is shooting up my leg. My foot found a Lego that the boys missed. I’m hopping around, trying not to scream. Or I’m crumbled on the floor, rubbing my sore foot. Oh the pain of Legos. Or matchbox cars. Or little army men. It’s amazing what my feet would find in the middle of the night. 

Now, my boys are in their teen years and my feet haven’t stumbled over hidden toys in the carpet in quite a while. But, life has been in full force. There are those “Lego’s at Midnight” moments. Things happen that are totally unexpected. Where the wind is knocked out of me and I’m hopping around, trying not to scream. Trying to keep full control when the world is spinning out of control. 

Lego’s happen. Even when you’re serving God. 

Little army men, hidden in the carpet. Even when things are going great. 

A matchbox car, flipped over, tires up. Even when you’re doing the right things. 

Lego’s at midnight. Crumbled. Wind knocked out. World spinning. 

So, now what? Deep breath in. Deep breath out. You reach out. And you stand. Ephesians 6:13-14 says. “When you’ve done all to stand, stand.” 

And stand. 

And stand. 

You take a step, then another step. And you keep going. Because stopping isn’t an option. Giving in isn’t an option. It’s ok to stop and get your breath. But stand back up! Don’t stop. Life is continual. It doesn’t stop and neither do we. God has given each of us a purpose. The plan for our life doesn’t change just because life is reaching up and dumping Lego’s in our path. 

And that’s where Faith comes in. Faith to trust God. Faith to keep going. Faith to dig in. Faith to trust that God’s grace is truly sufficient for me. Faith becomes an action. And that action ripples the water of life. It looks life in the eye. It sees the natural, but allows the supernatural power of God to take over. 

And, when I look back, I see God’s faithfulness has surrounded me and my family. Like my son Nate, said last week, “Mom, God’s got this. He’s never let us down.” 

So, at some point, another Lego may be in my path. But, I’ll stand up. And keep going. Because God’s got those “Lego’s at Midnight” moments already taken care of. Because He’s never let us down. 

(originally published January 16, 2014 · by mywildgardenblog)


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